Do New Hampshire Rats Prefer Cold Season

You might notice that Manchester rats will be more active inside the house once the temperature drops. This is also the perfect chance for them to steal those oranges that are ripe for the picking. This will become a very busy for this tiny creature. Consequently, we will be also become very busy in looking for ways to keep them out of our property. Nonetheless, they don’t really love the cold season. In fact, they will be invading our house during winter since they are looking for a warm place to escape the biting cold.

Why Rats Appear to be More Active During Cold Season?
In summer, there will be plenty of food sources for rats in the wild. There is absolutely no need for them to invade our house and expose themselves to humans. There are also different places to conceal their presence that will keep them safe from the predators. Therefore, summer is often the nesting season of most animals such as rats.

The Problems Related with Cold Season
Once the temperature drops, the times will be tougher for the animals. There will be very little food available for them in the wild. Therefore, most wild animal will go through a state of torpor. Unfortunately, rats don’t hibernate, and they do not have any choice but to remain active. They will have to look for a new food source. The water source in the wild has been probably frozen. In order to receive their daily source of sustenance, they will rummage our trashcan.

Their shelter outdoors will also not be sufficient to keep them warm. It will be very difficult for the baby rats to survive if they remain outside. Therefore, most of them will be moving inside our house. Our house provides warmth, comfort, and easy access to food source.

How to Keep the Rats Away from Our House During Winter
The best way to keep your house protected from the invasion of rats is to ensure that it is properly sealed. The Manchester rats can enter our house using a hole that is about the size of the nickel. You can use a hardware cloth, a steel plate, or a stucco mesh that you can purchase at the hardware supplies or construction material suppliers.

Start checking for the holes on the exterior of the house. Use a chalk to mark the holes to ensure that you will not miss them later. Cracks on the caulks, sinks, and vents are the possible location of access hole for them. The gaps on your windows and doors can also be used by the rats to enter the house.

In case the rats have already entered the house, then you must get rid of them. You can use exclusion device and traps. Be strategic and wise in the placement of traps. The bait can also affect the efficacy of your traps. If you are planning to use a live trap, check the traps regularly to ensure that the rats will not die from starvation.

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